16. January 2024 South Africa accuses Israel

Why is it just South Africa accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians in Gazah? 
Has this war been a kind of retraumatisation of Southafrican people with the apartheid history? 

Israelis treating Palestinians  as apartheid did with the black people in South Africa. 

Or is it just a kind of freeloader politics?

I asked different friends and colleagues and got just as many different answers:


 There are new elections coming soon and Cyril Ramaphosa wants to divert attention from everyday inadequacies such as power outages and a lack of school systems to a much-discussed foreign policy.


Many Christian white people in South Africa do not see Israel as a state but as a holy land of the Bible and therefore everything Israel does is OK, that is why Ramaphosa’s initiative is an initiative for the black people.


Ramaphosa was fighting against apartheid along with Mandela. He fulfills a legacy:

When Mandela proclaimed democracy in South Africa, he said: “Freedom will be complete only if Palestinians are free as well.”


 Soon one in four people on earth will be African and Africa has no political significance on the world stage. Ramaphosa is the representative of a new movement: “Africa having a voice”: It is not just an alliance with the BRIC states, it is also a voice for the oppressed peoples of the third world that defines this policy.


With all of this, however, the question remains: what does this debate matter to a black person who has to live in an iron hut in a township? 

The day before yesterday was Paul Feyerabend’s 100th birthday. He asked what is the success of Enlightenment  for a poor farmer if it only takes away his faith in God? Aren’t these questions we have to ask in Europe regarding  AfD, FPOe, and all these parties denying democracy?